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MIGUEL CAÑAS, Corral de la Morería艺术家。.


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Dancer and choreographer, has a vast experience in the world of dance and flamenco. He was first dancer in Paco Romero’s company in 1987 and Luisillo’s Spanish dance company.

He has also been part of the companies of Rafael Aguilar in the play ‘Yerma’ and Antonio Canales in the plays ‘A ti Carmen’, ‘Torero’ and ‘La casa de Bernarda Alba’. With Sara Baras’s company he played the character of ‘Don Fernando’ and Federico Garcia Lorca in the play ‘Maria Pineda’. He has been working lately in the flamenco musical ‘Tarantos’ playing one of the main roles both as an actor and dancer.

As choreographer he has co founded the companies Danzahart and Arrieritos and founded Elementos y Silencio, being awarded several times as choreographer of those plays. He has also choreographed ‘La Ceniniceta’ with Antonio Canales, ‘Denoche’ with Joaquin Grilo and ‘Arrieritos’ with Teresa Nieto and Florencio Campos.

In his long career he has also lectured flamenco lessons all over the world, New York, Buenos Aires, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, Albuquerque, Paris, Barcelona, Roma, Seville, Milan… and nowadays he is a professor at the flamenco school Amor de Dios in Madrid.

He has been selected several times for the prestigious Max Award in the performing arts as Best Male Performer in Dance and as Best actor for the musical ‘Tarantos’ in 2002 and 2004.

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