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Native to the Canary Islands, Maria was born into a family of flamenco blood, the Borruls. Maria Juncal begins her path studyg ballet and Spanish classic dance in Tenerife, where she was a pupil of Miguel Navarro, Rosalina Ripoll and her aunt, Trini Borrul. In Madrid, she studied with legendary flamenco stars as La Tati, Güito, Merche Esmeralda and Ciro, and classic dance with Dagmara Brown.

She worked at the companies of Manolete, José Greco, Güito and “Flamenco bells”, doing tours along France, Spain, German, United Kingdom, Canada, The United States, Japan and China. She stands out as soloist in “Pure Passion”, spectacle produced for Joaquín Cortés, and in “The gypsy muse” by Paco Peña. She collaborates with Debbie Allen, dancer and actress of the series Fame in documentaries of dance in Los Angeles, California.

As invited artist, she takes part in the Opera “Carmen” in the Palace of Fine Arts of the City of Mexico. In 2004 she was awarded the National Prize of Flamenco Dance “Antonio Gades” in Cordoba, Spain. In June, 2006 she was awarded the prize to the best soloist choreography in the XV Contest of Choreography of Spanish dance and Flamenco in the Albeniz Theatre of Madrid.

With her spectacles “Azabache y Miel” and “Instantes” she obtains the fame with the public and the critique in the Theatre of the Mexico City and in Madrid. She takes part as soloist and choreographer in the spectacle “Jarocho”, under Richard O'Neal's direction, who was the assitant director of Riverdance.

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