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Olga Pericet received a bachelor´s degree in Spanish Dance and Flamenco in Córdoba, where she was born. She later moved to Sevilla to train under Matilde Coral, Monolo Marín and La Toná. She also studied in Madrid with José Granero, Cristóbal Reyes, and Milagros Mengíbar, among others. In 1998, after dancing for three years in reknowned tablaos, she joined the Compañía Rafael Amargo.

In 2001, she danced the principal role in the company´s primier of Poet in New York. In 2002, she was a guest artist at the Havana Dance Festival with Julio Bocca, Tamara Rojo, and the National Ballet of Cuba. That same year, she joined the Compañía Rafaela Carrasco.

In 2003, she worked with Daniel Doña, Manuel Liñán, and Marco Flores to create the Company ESS3 Movement, and co-directed the production A Million Emotions, sharing the stage with Dorantes, Montse Cortés, Lienz Chang, Maite Bajo, and Miguel Ángel Berna in the Madrid Palace Conference at the Millenium Festival and at the Palau de la Música. She danced the prinipal role in the show El Amor Brujo with the Compañía Rafael Amargo which showed in the Quincena Donostiarra and received good reviews. She was also named the Outstanding Ballerina in Dance Valencia 2003.

In 2004, Pericet primiered as a choreographer and the principal dancer with Edith Salazar in the show Bolero, cartas de amor y desamor, with text by Espido Freire and performances by Lucía Bosé, Terele Pávez, Antonio Sanjuán, and Loles León. This show also received outstanding reviews from the press. Pericet collaborated with the New Spanish Ballet for the plays Land and Romeo and Juliet (Juliet). She received first place awards for Choreography and Music at the 13th Madrid Spanish Dance and Flamenco Choreography Competition for the piece Suite en Cámara Negra, which was composed by José Luis Montón and Fernando de la Rua. Pericet is the founder and co-director of the Manuel Liñan and Olga Pericet Dance Company which primiered Cámara Negra with great public success. She has performed as a guest artist with Miguel Ángel Berna's Zaragoza Resident Company and danced for the company Arrieritos in the show The Thirteen Roses.

In 2006, Pericet entered the show Chanta la mui in the London Flamenco Festival with Marco Flores and Manuel Liñán.

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