Flamenco show

Del 8 al 15 de agosto

  • Star dancer: BELÉN LÓPEZ
  • Star dancer: KELIAN JIMENEZ
  • Rhythm and Percussion: RAFA EL CHISPAS
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Del 16 a 23 de agosto

  • Star dancer: ANABEL MORENO
  • Star dancer: JESUS FERNANDEZ
  • Guitars: JESUS NUÑEZ
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Del 24 al 28 de agosto

  • Star dancer: BELÉN LÓPEZ
  • Star dancer: NINO DE LOS REYES
  • Rhythm and Percussion: RAFA EL CHISPAS
Buy your ticket The cast may vary every day (See details)

The world’s best
flamenco show
is in Madrid

The key to Corral de la Morería’s success, ever since it opened in 1956 and right up to today, is the thought and consideration that goes into preparing its artistic programme, bringing together the best and brightest on the scene at the moment in a flamenco show in Madrid that’s more vibrant, up close and personal than any show found on any other stage in the world.

From Pastora Imperio to Blanca del Rey, Corral de la Morería has welcomed and launched some of the biggest names in flamenco, such as Antonio Gades, La Chunga, Fosforito, María Albaicín, Lucero Tena, Serranito, Fernanda and Bernarda de Utrera, Manuela Vargas, El Güito, Mario Maya, La Paquera de Jerez, Lola Greco, Javier Barón, Diego el Cigala, José Mercé, Pitingo and Antonio Canales (and many more).

So, not just the tablao but the institution itself can boast of having been graced with the presence of both the highest number and the most important artists in the entire history of flamenco.

Today, this constellation of star artists has its sights set on the future with the mission of spreading the best flamenco under the meticulous artistic direction of Blanca del Rey, recipient of the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts.

She puts together a flamenco show that changes every week, bringing the best figures in contemporary flamenco to our stage, such as Belén López, Juan Andrés Maya, Ángel Rojas, Marco Flores, Olga Pericet, Eduardo Guerrero, El Junco, Alfonso Losa, Alba Heredia, Lucía la Piñona, Rosario Toledo, Jesús Fernández, Mercedes Ruiz, La Lupi, Jesús Carmona, María Moreno and Manuel Liñán.

The result is regular programming that is unanimously acclaimed by critics and audiences alike as the best flamenco show in Madrid and the world.

A unique, unforgettable flamenco show in Madrid

Every night, from Monday to Sunday, the tablao puts on a show designed both for the most demanding aficionados as well as those wanting to discover this art at the highest level.

The performance is based around different contemporary dance stars, heads of companies who have already earned their stripes in their respective solo careers, who come together to present a unique flamenco show in the centre of Madrid, where the singing and guitar accompaniment are also represented by some of Spain’s leading artists.

Corral de la Morería and its flamenco show: a one-of-a-kind treasure in Madrid

Far from the traditional flamenco group format, the show at Corral de la Morería changes completely every week, with artistic programming that bears more resemblance to the programming at major theatres than the classic flamenco tablao.

This all comes with the added benefit of enjoying the artists who fill the world’s main theatres, up close and personal in an intimate setting where the energy is thrilling. It is unquestionably the best flamenco show on offer in Madrid and the world.

Over the last decade, in addition to developing regular programming with flamenco stars that changes every week, Corral de la Morería has been promoting different initiatives throughout the year that confirm its commitment to culture and its mission of spreading flamenco.

For years it has been running its Festival Flamenco, lining up nearly 100 artists over one month with different shows every day. There are also the legendary Noches Brujas (‘Enchanting Evenings’), featuring concerts from artists such as Arcángel, David Palomar and Alba Molina.